January 6, 2013

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FAQ – 64 bit

July 16, 2008


Benefit of 64 bit processor against 32 bit?

The question of what kind of benefits you will see from a 64 bit processor/operating system really depend on what kind of work you do on your PC.  The big advantage a 64 bit system has over a 32 bit one is the ability to handle math computations better.  For educational institutions, corporations or anyone doing large amounts of calculations/processing this translates into a decent block of time in savings.  The average PC user on the other hand will only see a slight upgrade in performance.


What about 32-bit application performance in 64-bit platform?

 Only the 64-bit applications will run faster (they won’t run in 32-bit) on Windows 64-bit edition. 32-bit applications may run just fine but statistics show that they will run slightly slower on 64-bit environment. 16-bit applications will not run at all on 64-bit environment.


Can I install 64-bit OS in my 32-bit machine?


Actually no. 64-bit operating systems run only on 64-bit machines.


About 64-bit and 32-bit processor memory addressing capacity?

 Below comment would be enough,

“A 32-bit addressing space can keep track of the name and address of every person who has lived in the United States since 1997, a 64-bit addressing space can keep track of the name and address of every person who has ever lived in the world, from the beginning of time. The capability to accommodate huge quantities of memory, combined with far greater efficiency at managing high-bandwidth I/O, gives 64-bit systems scalability advantages that 32-bit technology can’t match.”


What is WoW64?

 This is Windows On Windows 64. Because of compatibility reasons, Microsoft made the 64-bit versions of Windows compatible with existing 32-bit applications, through a new Windows On Windows 64-bit (WOW64) compatibility layer. WOW64 is necessary because many 32-bit apps may never make it into 64-bit versions.


What is PAE?

 Physical Address Extension: PAE is an Intel-provided memory address extension that enables support of greater than 4 GB of physical memory for most 32-bit (IA-32) Intel Pentium Pro and later platforms.


Where it (PAE) should be used?

 Windows versions which have total physical address space are limited to 4 GB.


PAE on x64?

 PAE is supported only on 32-bit versions of the Windows operating system. 64-bit versions of Windows do not support PAE.


 To be continued…

Talk Pinger! For Messengers

July 15, 2008


This is just for fun!! If you are away from your PC and you want to track the friends who comes online and leave a message for them lively, took this tool!!! 

Start from here - TalkPinger!

Start from here - TalkPinger!

You should enable online notification for all messengers which you want use with TalkPinger!

TalkPinger! lets you keep in touch with RediffBol and Google Talk buddies in this build.

Settings will allow you to enable IM client for TalkPinger! 

Set IM client for TalkPinger!

Set IM client for TalkPinger!



Talk Pinger! will track and show you online history as below,
Online History List - TalkPinger!

Online History List - TalkPinger!

Get TalkPinger! from:


Rediff bol anti-booter

July 14, 2008
Below tool will help you to block all incomming add requests, file transfer requests and room invitations. Sometimes peoples will used to boot or interupt your chatting session with some hundreds or thounsands of requests senting. You can use BlockIt! for getting free from mentioned sparmming. This tool is created by me and offcource it has problem and may not be able to save you all the time. So use it by your own risks.
Feel free mailing any quries to
If I get time, I will come with a new tool sooooooooooooon !!!
BlockIt - Rediff Bol Anti-booter

BlockIt - Rediff Bol Anti-booter

DOWNLOAD New BolHelper from  (Rediffbol anti-booter for add request spamming)

Get BlockIt! from

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